Inner Strength Starts With You #MSRBodyPositive

22 Feb 2019 • Aishah Azali • Campaign

7 Diverse Women | Sharing Major Aspirations | Spreading Body Positivity

The new year gives us the opportunity for a clean slate. It is this new start that excites us into setting meaningful resolutions, goals and fuels us into chasing our dreams. While it's easy to set these aspirations, we must remember to find the strength to begin and persevere, especially through the challenges that come with it. This starts from our inner strength and the rest will fall into place.

We had the privilege to speak to 7 incredible women about their passage to overcome hurdles and reach milestones through their self-belief. We hope you can take inspiration from their stories and let it guide you towards your journey of growth, beginning from your strength within.

We created a feel-good video featuring these lovely ladies, filled with uplifting words and lessons for everyone. We have a lot more in store for this campaign including style guides, inspirational quotes and some insights on the ladies themselves for you to consume. Follow our journey on social media, our blog called The Edit and our website to be inspired.

Here's to a more empowering 2019!

Introducing The 2019 #MSRBodyPositive Ladies

Digital TV & Radio Host

Kristy Yong
Executive Director of MS. READ

Ayesha Frances Adam
Social Media Head

Nur Iman Nadira
Accounts Specialist

Introducing The 2019 #MSRBodyPositive Ladies

Arafah Ambrose Abdullah
Stylist & Event Organizer

Cindy Tong
Engineer & Blogger

Nur Amirah Mokhtar
Assistant Business Manager

Stay tuned for more on the ladies of #MSRBodyPositive

Nur Amirah Mokhtar
Assistant Business Manager

Behind The Scenes

Racks of clothes, a talented glam squad, lots of laughter and dancing to rap music; we had a blast making this video with them. Here's a peek at some behind the scene shenanigans #BTS



Enjoying myself being a Ms Read woman. There are lots of clothes for all occasions.

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